Learn Spanish with us...

Pico Verde is your friendly Spanish language centre in the heart of La Paz, Bolivia.

Pico Verde offers Spanish classes tailor-made for you, no matter your current level. Perhaps you are still at the ´muy poco´ stage (or not even there yet!). Maybe you can understand quite a bit of Spanish but don´t have the confidence to speak? Are you simply looking for a little extra practice? With our experienced teachers and staff, we design Spanish language courses that work for you and give you the results you want.

Our teachers are all highly qualified, with years of experience teaching Spanish classes and designing tailored lesson plans. All of our teachers speak English, and we also have French, Italian and Portuguese speakers on our staff.

We offer:

  • Individual Spanish classes.
  • Group Spanish classes.
  • Spanish lessons for professionals.
  • Homestays and apartments.
  • Volunteer programs.
  • Activities program.
  • Online Classes
  • Preparatory courses for DELE certification and other Spanish language exams.
  • Airport Pick up. 

And what about the cost? Pico Verde provides Spanish lessons at very affordable prices that get cheaper the more you learn, and we also give discounts for groups when you learn with your friends or family.